Methodology and main steps

The first phase of the project focused on carry out an analysis over how schools deal with multiculturalism and diversity within classrooms, in order to be able to focus on the main concerns and needs of the education world.

During this phase project, partners met twice (20-21 February 2017 for the first transnational project meeting hosted by Euphoria in Rome, Italy, and on 30 May-1 June for the second transnational project meeting took place hosted by Ifall in Örkelljunga).

The main results of this phases have been:

  • A consolidated version of the surveys conducted in the selected countries;
  • A first draft of the contents to be developed;
  • Decision over the structure of the e-learning (divison of modules, units etc.).


Then we started to design the contents of the modules. We met once again for the third transnational project meeting in Krakov (Poland), hosted by Multikultura (5-6 October 2017). In this occasion we took a decision over the final structure of the contents, the kind of e-learning we wanted to develop and the more technical issues.

Soon after we started to create the storyboard of the e-learning: contents have been structured in a way to be ready for the next phase: the technical development of the e-learning.

The first results have been discussed and adjusted during the fourth meeting in Madrid (Spain), hosted by Hominem Challenge (7 March 2018).

With the first draft of the e-learning, we have launched an implementation phase within selected schools, in order to get further feedbacks from schools and from those who will use the platform in their daylife.

The e-learning with its platform will be ready for the Summer 2018 and freely available for teachers, trainer and educators from all over Europe!

Last but not least, come to meet us and discover our tool during our multiplier events!